Karma Chameleon

A New Breed of Hybrid - “The Karma makes a statement about how good-looking an alternative vehicle could be, and essentially redefines luxury.”

The Karma cuts a dramatic profile – with its long hood, short rear deck, low roofline, and wide stance anchored by 22-inch wheels and tires. A continuously formed glass solar panel roof, the world’s largest on an automobile, harnesses additional energy from the sun and lends a cool eco-aesthetic. Exclusively offered Diamond Dust exterior paint gets its glimmer from crushed recycled glass and highlights the car’s sculptural form.

The spacious interior incorporates conventional hallmarks of luxury sedans, rendering them through innovative solutions aligned with the car’s environmentally conscious attitude. For example, inlaid wood trim is fashioned of naturally fallen trees recovered from forest fires and lake bottoms, and sumptuous leather is processed using a 100 percent sustainable manufacturing strategy. The battery pack nestled between, rather than underneath, the passengers allows for a lower rear seating position and maximizes the interior package for first-class, private jet-style comfort.

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